The World Is Changing

The world is changing! And the power of educating people with a clear and consistent vegan message is real. There is no need to water down the truth or to advocate for bigger cages or vegetarianism.

Veganism is easy!!

"James thank you for being my on going inspiration in my transition from a vegetarian to a vegan. The food actually does taste better and the karma i take in even more so - delicious!. I must admit that initially i found your hard approach towards vegetarians offputting and unencouraging but like any social change or unconditioning i am taking the steps to change my ways because even though i didnt always like what you had to say it was true and i dont want to support any more exploitation or farming practices and even though i am still transitioning from cheese I will get there and i know where im going"

"Hey I just want to say Thank you from the Bottom of my heart Beacause your veganism has Really been helping me out in my lifestyle i feel like reborn and i am trying to convince my friends that animals are just like us"

"Hey James, I'm so proud of spending one day with you through your journey! I just wanted to tell you, that I finally become a vegan now. And in feeling good. You're doing an awesome job. Big cuddle."

Murdering Animals For Fun VS. Paying People To Murder Animals Because They Taste Good

You probably feel outraged at what this man has done, and rightly so! How could he be so cruel! These birds were doing no harm and deserved to be left to live their lives, just like we all do.

Just like *all* animals do. Cows, pigs, fish, chickens included.

If you are against exploiting the vulnerable, violence, cruelty and killings (which you almost surely are) being vegan is the only way to live that makes sense!


Cognitive Dissonance: The state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioural decisions and attitude change.

Veganism: Living in alignment with the belief that animal cruelty and exploitation is wrong by not consuming, wearing or using animals.